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by Swot
Swot Blackcurrant Strawberry 50ml shortfill eliquidSwot Blackcurrant Strawberry 50ml shortfill eliquid

Add To Your WishlistSwot Blackcurrant Strawberry

by Swot

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Swot Blackcurrant Strawberry 50ml shortfill eliquid

Swot Blackcurrant Strawberry

  • Description

    Blackcurrant Strawberry 50ml shortfill from the Swot range is perfect for those looking for a super fruity, blackcurrant and strawberry flavour and those that enjoy smooth high VG e-liquids. 

    Featuring the sweet and tart taste of blackcurrant topped with strawberry, this delicious flavour is the perfect choice for those looking for something to vape all day! This e-liquid has been blended into a smooth 30% PG / 70% VG ratio making it suitable for most advanced vape kits and vape tanks.


    The Swot range is manufactured right here in the UK and hosts some of the best fruit blends on the market! Each 60ml bottle contains 50ml of e-liquid so that you can add 10ml of your purchased nicotine shots in to create an ultra-smooth 3mg e-liquid to vape

    Key Features

    - Key Ingredients: Blackcurrant, strawberry

    - Produced & Bottled: UK

    - Eliquid Volume: 50 ml

    - Maximum eliquid Volume: 60ml

    - Nicotine Shot: Not Included

    - PG content: 30%

    - VG Content: 70%

    - Nicotine Strength: 0mg (Nicotine Free)

    - Childproof & Tamper Evident: Yes

    - Works Best: Sub-ohm coils

    What vape kit is suitable for this e-liquid?

    As Blackcurrant Strawberry from Swot is a high VG shortfill ejuice with a VG/PG ratio of 70%VG/30%PG, we would highly recommend using this in a subohm / DTL vape kit to ensure that you get the most out of the flavour and your coils! Why not take a look at the Geekvape Aegis Max Zeus Vape Kit which pairs perfectly!

  • User Guide

    Step 1 : Unscrew your bottle cap. Keep in mind that due to the safety features some caps will be needed to be pressed down and then unscrew. Pretty much the standard on other products too with safety features.

    Step 2 : Remove the Nib (the pointy thingy that the eliquid comes out), please keep in mind that not all bottles have removable nibs. In that case you will need to take the whole top part off which sometime can be tricky as they are pressed fit.

    Step 3: Take your nicotine shot unscrew the cap and gently empty the contents to your shortfill bottle. A little tip here don't squeeze your nicotine bottle with too much force as you might risk popping off the top cap and spill the contents. Been there done that quite a few times (#sostrong)

    Step 4: Shake well your mix for a couple of minutes and you are good to go.

    Step 5 (optional): A lot of people recommend to let your shortfill in its final form (after you have added the nicotine) to steep for a couple of days in a cool dark place in order to get the maximum flavour output. Ain't nobody got time for that, but if you do or buy in bulk go for it!